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Book 1: The Basics of Microsoft Word
The Basics of Microsoft Word

Loader Internet Services is a web publishing and marketing business, featuring the writing of Andrew Loader.

As this site expands you will see a number of examples of the work performed by Loader Internet Services.

Firstly, Andrew is available for contract writing. If you need someone to perform any form of writing service search for Andrew Loader on oDesk.com, Freelancer.com or Freelance.com.

Secondly, Andrew has begun writing eBooks. These will eventually be in a number of ranges, focusing on how to use particular computer programs, iPad apps, some business services (e.g. How to Write a Business Plan ) and personal development.

Thirdly, Loader Internet Services is available to assist in webpage creation. Look for details soon about the Martial Arts New Zealand page.

Fourthly, Andrew, via Loader Internet Services, writes blogs and runs a number of websites. Any sci-fi fans among you check out http://doctorwhoproducts.com for news and reviews of the products and merchandise relating to the British t.v. show, Doctor Who.

Business Plan book cover
How to Write an Effective Business Plan

Doctor Who Products